Marketo: The 7 stages of Marketo’s marketing automation pipeline

Jon Miller VP Marketing and Co-Founder at Marketo (@jonmiller2) outlines the 7 stages of Marketo’s marketing pipeline in the following video from an online resource for buyers of marketing automation software.

We love several of the concepts that Jon outlines in this process.  First that the names in your pipeline don’t start as active leads until they engage with your content and provide data to help segment and profile them.  The second is the concept of active nurturing and lead recycling.  This video is a great overview of how Marketo uses marketing automation as a tool for lead management and Jon goes on to share more at

It Is Also A Terrific Example of Content and Programs

But how this video is executed  is also a terrific example of both content and programs.

Jon uses a practical “how to” approach in a video format.  While the style is cheap and cheerful, the content is focused on being understandable and useful for someone trying to understand how to use a marketing automation platform like Marketo to get more customers.  It also demonstrates that Marketo understands the pains involved in mapping your sales pipeline and that they clearly practice what they preach.  While there is no overt sell in the video the message that Marketo “gets it” is clearly delivered.  Jon does a great job of chaining the video to addtional content by encouraging viewers to find more relevant information with a call to action to “for more information just google Marketo and Secret Sauce”.  This search takes you to a page full of relevant Marketo Content.

By sharing their knowledge on Marketo expands their presence and reaches a targeted audience looking for information about marketing automation systems.  And worked their network with a blog on blog request for BrainRider to post the video and a relevant link on our blog.  Fantastic marketing program execution!  And they made it easy for us to expand the reach of their marketing since the content in Jon’s video is so relevant.

This is a very well exectuted example of great B2B marketing.  For a quick look at how to create your own content for a program like this check out our recent blog post: B2B Marketing Content: How to plan website, sales collateral, email, blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other marketing copy for my business

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