How To Use SlideShare: tips for B2B marketing

SlideShare is an online slide hosting service for posting PowerPoint, video and PDF documents. Search engines identify Slideshare as an interesting format and often prioritize it over other types of content. And since Slideshare can be embedded in other media it is a very efficient way to share content and connect with qualified prospects.

Here are 4 quick SlideShare tips to get you started:

Outpost and AnchorExtend the reach of your B2B marketing with a social media anchor and outpost strategy. Slideshare works as a powerful outpost for your content because it is Search Engine Optimized, does a great job of hosting content, easily plugs into LinkedIn and your blog and has built in sharing tools. Use Slideshare to direct qualified traffic back to your anchor (website, knowledge center or landing page) with hyper-links and clear calls to action in your content, profile and comments.
Setting Up Your ProfileThe most useful type for B2B marketing is a company profile. Describe your value proposition, provide links back to your own site and make sure your complete your profile with a picture or your logo. Start with the free version which offers the basic outpost functionality you need and then upgrade to the paid PRO if you want additional analytics and formatting options
LinkedIn & Your BlogYou can automatically push SlideShare content to your LinkedIn profile. Just go to LinkedIn and ad the SlideShare app. Do this for all your key customer-facing employees. Start with your company brochure but be sure to include content about what your customer wants to know. Slideshare can also be used to post presentation slides in your blog. This is a great way to repurpose a presentation as a blog post or curate 3rd party content.
Use your analyticsHere’s where you get the insights that makes SlideShare so useful. If you go PRO you can track visitors, tweets, and favorites. Measure what is connecting with your audience. And then focus on those subjects in your content plan

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