Don’t just sit there. Share something.

Think about it. The sales process can’t begin if the landscape is static. If your prospect has not begun moving toward you, it’s because she’s uninterested in you, or even worse, it’s because she’s paying attention to someone else.

You have to create movement. Without movement, you can’t create customers.

Your goal is to get your prospect moving toward you, psychologically. Your goal is to overcome her inertia. You do that by sharing something useful or valuable with her. Do that enough times and you’ll build a relationship. Eventually, she’ll trust you enough to buy what you’re selling.

(You might also have to overcome your own inertia, by the way. Sharing your knowledge takes some work. Reading about how to do it is a good first step. But admit it, right now you’re sitting there, inert, exactly like your would-be prospect. Isn’t it time to get things moving?)

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