Capture leads in Pardot using the Feedburner Email Subscription form

If your company uses the Pardot marketing automation system, you can set up an integration with Google Feedburner that will do the following:

  • provide an email subscription form on your site for any RSS feed content such as blogs or resource center items
  • capture all email addresses submitted through the subscription form as Pardot leads (or a lead activity for existing Prospects)
  • automatically send emails (which you can brand and customize in Feedburner) to all subscribers when new items are added to the RSS feed (unfortunately these are not tracked as sent emails in Pardot)

Here are the step-by-step instructions…

In Feedburner:

  • Follow the instructions to burn your RSS feed at
  • In the Publicize tab, activate email subscriptions
  • Grab the Feedburner Form Code and paste into a text file that you can work with


In Pardot:

1. In Administration > Form Fields, create new Custom Fields for uri and loc hidden fields in the form code

  • Use descriptive field names (eg. feedburner_uri & feedburner_loc)
  • Check “Create a standard form field using this custom field”
  • Use field type Hidden
  • Use descriptive field IDs (eg. feedburner_uri & feedburner_loc)

2. In Marketing > Forms, create a new Form Handler

  • Use a descriptive name
  • Select the campaign you’d like newly captured leads to be marked with
  • For Success Location, use (Action URL from your Feedburner form code)
  • Check “Enable data forwarding to the success location”
  • Set Error Location to Referring URL
  • Set any desired Completion Actions (note: Feedburner will automatically send double opt-in confirmation emails to new subscribers, so you should not configure your own autoresponder to do so)
  • Map the three form fields from the Feedburner form code to corresponding Pardot fields
    – email maps to Email
    – uri maps to feedburner_uri (or whatever field name you used)
    – loc maps to feedburner_loc (or whatever field name you used)
  • Click Create Form Handler

3. Click the name of your new Form Handler
4. Click View form handler code
5. Select and Copy the Form Handler Action URL

Modify and Implement your Feedburner Form Code

  • Replace the default Feedburner Form Code Action URL ( with your Form Handler Action URL copied in the previous step
  • Insert the modified Feedburner Form Code (and style or change as desired) into any web page where you want to offer an email subscription for the RSS feed you burned

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