Better B2B Video That Won’t Bore Your Viewers

Customers have been calling us lately looking for advice on video content. Is it right for them? Is it worth the investment? 

When done right, B2B video content can be great and really effective. But frankly, most of it isn’t very good. Most video content on B2B websites is way too long, way too boring, doesn’t tell an authentic story, isn’t very valuable, AND has little or no relevance to the audience. Most bad B2B video content also does little to leverage the medium and typically doesn’t really make the company look all that credible.

Basically, they’re not usually valuable enough to finish watching. In fact, the average 2-minute video is typically viewed less than 50% of the way through.

That being said, good video content can be incredibly engaging, useful and informative.

So before you make the investment in video content, consider this first:

  1. Most video content is way too long. Can you convey your message in under 2 minutes? Or, even better, in 30-seconds or less?
  2. B2B videos rarely tell their stories visually. Visual content should deliver a visual impact. Can you tell your story better with visuals than with typically less-expensive written copy?
  3. Video has little SEO value. To make up for this, smart companies embed their videos on webpages that are rich in keyword copy.
  4. Most videos aren’t relevant to the audience. How will you make your content relevant to your customers’ needs and pains? If it’s not relevant, they won’t finish watching it. Then you’ve spent time, hard work and money creating content that’s really not working very hard.

But, video content does work. It works especially well when you keep it short, use it to visualize your credentials, and align the content to what your customers want to know. If you’re just starting out in the content game though, there may be better, more effective ways to attract and nurture leads and communicate with your audience. If you’re looking for ideas or advice, we’re always happy to talk to you about your content strategy and better marketing.


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