B2B SEO strategy: targeting buyer intent

B2B SEO strategy and, even more importantly, targeting B2B buyer intent can be a big challenge. This post takes a look at some SEO best practices for B2B SEO strategy, B2B marketing content, and B2B lead generation in order to provide some practical tips.

Technical B2B SEO best practice

For years the focus of B2B SEO strategy has been on keyword stuffing and volume of links. But Google is increasingly targeting more subtle ranking factors to deliver relevant vs optimized search results. Take a look – the chart below from SEO authority SearchEngineLand shows the complex mix of factors Google is believed to be using to deliver search results.

B2B SEO Strategy: SearchEngineLand Table

These “Success Factors” include traditional B2B SEO strategy elements such as copy, freshness, HTML tags including titles and descriptions, and links, as well as newer elements such as authority, trust, and social mentions. Most of the technical elements can be managed by an effective content management system using best practice SEO tools.

B2B marketing content best practice

While technical optimization remains complex, the net result is that technical optimization (beyond good Google friendly hygiene) is becoming much less important than developing, publishing, and sharing relevant, useful, and valuable B2B content related to your subject matter expertise. The starting point should be developing a customer-centric content plan that targets what your customers want to know at each stage of their decision process. This model targets different stages of B2B buyer intent with different content approaches.

buyer journey aligned content

Next, develop a keyword strategy that will allow you to describe your content using customer language, and target buyer intent searches.  For B2B SEO the focus is not keywords, for example “procurement”, but longer keyword phrases used by prospects at each decision stage, for example “procurement spend under management benchmarks” or “SAP procurement solution reviews”. While the search volumes will be smaller, the quality of your traffic and prospects will be higher.

B2B lead generation best practice

Finally, attracting the right traffic using B2B SEO strategy is only the initial challenge. Given the investment it takes to attract high quality traffic, you need to optimize your content, website, and lead generation programs to acquire new prospects using gated content and other tiered calls to action.

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