B2B Marketing School: sharing what we learned in 2010

Sharing what BrainRider knows about B2B marketing, pipeline optimization, content development, website development, social media, and demand generation is what this blog is here for. Since the day it started in January the focus has been on refining strategy and experience into practical, interesting, and valuable advice on how to connect with and convert more B2B customers.  And of course learn more about what you want to and need to know about getting more customers.

Here is a quick selection from some of the most popular posts over the last 12 months:


Practical programs and tools

Hands-on seminars: putting B2B strategy and advice to use

In 2011 that learning is going on the road with a new offer: hands-on  B2B Marketing seminars.  Covering practical subjects that offer immediate marketing pay-back, these “B2B Marketing: how to” seminars start in January with our most popular topic:  How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to get more customers: a hands on seminar – January 15th, 2011.

Based on the interest to date, some of the other  topics might include: social media for B2B, email nurturing, twitter for B2B, building a content plan for your blog,  developing smart collateral, search engine optimization for B2B, and planning-executing a website redesign.

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