B2B Marketing Content: website, sales collateral, email, blog, and more

This resource looks at how to plan B2B marketing content for your website, sales collateral, nurturing emails, blog, and social media.

Today’s B2B Marketing Best Practices include many powerful tools to help you acquire, nurture, profile and convert new customers. Marketing automation, lead nurturing, digital sales collateral, and social media can acquire and convert more customers for your business.

They’re all fueled with content.  Of course, the better your content the harder they work. Yet we often hear clients say things like:

“The content on our website is out of date but I’m not sure what to put on it.” “We need to update our sales collateral and I can’t find the time.” “We need a new case study and white paper but I’m having trouble choosing a topic.” “I started blogging but stopped after a few weeks after I ran out of ideas for posts.”

There’s more: “Where do we get content for our marketing automation, email marketing, or lead nurturing programs?” “I am not sure that Social Media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or SlideShare are worth the time and effort. How do I know if they’re working?”

It really boils down to this: “How do I make writing marketing content easier, cheaper, and more effective?”

The answer is to develop a simple and practical content plan for your business.  Creating that plan can take just 90 minutes if you focus on understanding what your customer wants to know.

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