B2B Leads Consume Content In Bursts

If you have a marketing automation solution like Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, or similar, you already know that your website visitors consume your content in bursts of activity. The challenge becomes how to optimize those bursts.

For some reason, we often try to engineer nurturing and drip programs to methodically “keep in touch” or “keep leads warm”. We obsesses over figuring out which piece of content to send out, to which segment, at the perfect time interval and even time of day/day of week. We need to change the way we think about content engagement.

Think about the sites you visited today. Think about visiting this site. Relatively few of the people reading this article come to this site on a regularly scheduled basis to consume one piece of content. You come because you’re looking for something or it has been shared with you, and you most likely start snooping around a bit if this first content is relevant and useful. You may read some related articles, you may explore other sections, or you may even check out our products and services. Our visitors average 3-4 pages per visit. Then you leave, and if we do our job well, you come back again in the future and do it all again.

In this context of content consumption bursts, our nurturing objectives as marketers are really twofold:

1. Extend the length of every burst.

Try using activity-triggered nurturing tactics like these:

  • Cross-links from each content asset to other related content
  • Related content suggestions (we call them “What Next?” links) on thank-you pages for successful form completions
  • Related content suggestions in auto-responder emails that you send to deliver download links, event registration confirmations, etc.
  • A customer-centric content organization/categorization/navigation structure that makes it easy to browse and explore your resources

2. Reactivate leads in your database into new bursts.

This is where more typical timed nurturing tactics come into play:

  • Regularly scheduled outbound emails with lots of content options that let leads “choose their own adventure”
  • Time-delayed outbound emails that reach out to leads who haven’t visited your site for a set period of time (we typically use 30 days)
  • Online advertising through a retargeting service, with specific calls to action and content offers for unconverted visitors
  • Consider placing content offers and calls to action in other non-marketing outbound channels like email signatures, invoices and statements, phone IVR recorded messages, etc.

What other lead nurturing tactics do you use to extend the length of a burst or reactivate leads into new bursts?

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