B2B Lead Generation Leveraging Social Media

There are some really great questions being asked online these days about the performance of social media in B2B lead generation.

Questions like:

  • Are you happy with the results you’re getting through social media?
  • Are your efforts on Twitter and Linkedin paying off?
  • How many leads have you generated? Are they converting to paying customers?
  • For those who are getting results, what has created the breakthrough for you?

Here are some of our answers:

We get great results. For us that means great engagement with our content and progression through our marketing & sales pipeline.

The role that social media presence and activity should play in a B2B marketing scenario varies quite a bit based on the nature of the prospective buyer, their decision-making process, and what you are selling.

We work with clients who compete in a market where they can differentiate themselves based on specialized knowledge or expertise–not price. That typically implies a longer buying cycle and often multiple decision-makers. (We are also in that boat, so we identify with our prospects.)

Social media presence is set up as a series of marketing “outposts” in places where the potential buyers already participate while in a work mindset and research buying decisions. Those outposts are opportunities to share breadcrumbs of the aforementioned specialized knowledge with people who will find it useful to their decision-making process (not unlike this blog post answering the questions above).  Our most successful outposts right now are Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, and this blog.  We are testing a number of others, too.

All of these outposts lead back to a common “anchor” (in BrainRider’s case, https://brainrider.com/knowledge-center) where the entire aggregation of valuable knowledge lives, and where we can track concentrated interest in a particular subject area. So the prospect who sees our outpost and wants more related knowledge is encouraged to dig deeper.

Perhaps the most important aspect of all of this is that we create all of our knowledge assets while being mindful of the types of information that are most useful to a prospect at each decision-making stage, because that changes as they advance. (If you are reading this post, you’re likely trying to decide if social media is even a viable marketing tool for you. If you had already decided yes, you might find more specific tactical tips or vendor selection criteria more useful.) If you’d like to learn more about B2B content development, this would be a good starting point: https://www.brainrider.com/b2b-content-marketing/

If you have specific questions, I’m happy to discuss here in the comments or offline!

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