B2B Lead Generation Best Practices: Reaching More Customers

The BrainRider blog often gets inbound searches looking for information on reaching more B2B customers, lead generation best practices, how to build awareness, get more customers, fill my funnel, create more customer demand.

These searches are the practical evidence of major changes in the B2B marketing mix. (see this post more data on this trend)

The truth is that B2B marketing and selling is quickly evolving. Across industries, the marketing and selling context has changed. Buyers are behaving differently, and the work required to make a sale is becoming more difficult. While tools like the web, search, social media, marketing automation and CRM solutions are driving much of this change the trend is not just about technology.

Customers are looking for more value, easier access to expertise, and up-to-date information in order to stay competitive in their own markets.

Today B2B Lead Generation Best Practice is about more than paying for advertising and pushing out ads. The key to connecting with and converting more customers lies in what you know.

Click on the presentation below to see how to optimize your pipeline

1 thought on “B2B Lead Generation Best Practices: Reaching More Customers

  1. Great presentation.

    True enough, today’s marketing involves two-way communication. Gone are the days that only the sales persons do the talking. Now, they also need to listen. Customers want to know more, be fed with relevant and necessary information, and obtain solutions that they highly need.

    You can generate more sales-ready buyers if you know how to be of great help to prospective clients.

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