B2B Marketing is Like Dating: How to connect & convert customers

We focus on using a best practice system of marketing tools, content, and programs to connect and convert more customers. Our approach? B2B marketing is a lot like like dating.

B2B Marketing and Sales for the complex sale is just like dating
We tried out that analogy at Pardot’s Elevate 2010 user conference: a great marketing automation event with a very smart audience.  One attendee told us the dating metaphor applies to putting your content behind forms…”You don’t want to give it up too easy”.  Awesome, smart, and funny at the same time!

Listed below are 5 B2B dating rules from the presentation.  Click here to see the full presentation in our knowledge center.

B2B Dating Rules

Check out Nolin’s terrific presentation “Creating Relevant Content for Your Buyer’s Decision Stages” and lots of other strong conference content from Pardot and their partners.  A big thanks to Pardot, the presenters, and the terrific attendees.

For a running feed of tips and ideas follow the event twitter feed at #pardot2010

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