Customer-Centric Marketing
that Drives B2B Pipeline Results

Our goal, since 2008, has been to help business leaders improve the health of their sales and marketing pipelines by building better campaigns and websites, focusing on the right KPIs, delivering insight for continuous improvement.

“Brainrider’s recommendations put us on a course to best identify what our prospects needed, how we could get it to them, and how to turn them into customers.”

Kristin Spiewak

Marketing Director, TransNational


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How to increase closed-won opportunities with training and optimization

Looking to boost the number of closed-won opportunities in
your funnel? Learn how website optimization and better Pardot
usage brought this company a 27% increase of won deals.

“Brainrider helped us structure and think through the whole process of how to go about building drip [campaigns] to achieve our objectives, working through segmentation, CTAs, timing of emails, process and framework.”

Gary Smith

Director of Marketing, Mindflash


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Getting Started With an ABM Pilot

Account-based marketing (ABM) offers B2B businesses a way
to improve pipeline marketing results and get more out of their
budgets. If you’re considering an ABM approach but aren’t sure
where to start, this webinar’s for you.

Let's talk about how Brainrider can help you build a better pipeline that impacts revenue.