Account-based marketing (ABM) has becoming an increasingly popular strategy for B2B marketers, but few businesses have done more than wade cautiously into shallow waters.

Adopting an ABM strategy makes sense for B2B marketers on many levels, but it requires a new way of approaching planning and budgeting, working with sales, and measuring marketing-sourced and marketing-influenced revenue generation.

Brainrider’s CMO, Nolin LeChasseur, recently published an article in titled, B2B Pipeline Marketing: An Account-Based Approach Results In Better Leads And Sales Team Alignment. The article breaks down some of the misconceptions about ABM:

“You will no longer be in the business of driving as much traffic as possible through your marketing pipeline no matter who those people are. Instead, you’ll be focused on driving as much of the right traffic through your pipeline as possible. No more counting unqualified email addresses, phone numbers or heartbeats as leads.”



Adopting an ABM approach to your pipeline marketing means that you won’t be working to deliver as many leads as possible to sales, but rather working together to connect with the right qualified buyers and influencers. It means budgeting and planning more of your marketing and sales activities around the targeted client list that will make the biggest impact.

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