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Easier implementation. More effective sales people.

Brainrider makes Salesforce Engage implementation easy. Let us handle the deployment and training, and let your sales people focus on what they do best: selling.

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Empower your sales teams with Salesforce Engage

With Engage, your sales teams know when – and how – to engage with prospects at just the right point in the buying cycle. Deliver the insights prospects need to make a decision more easily than ever.

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Build a pilot program today

Get started with a dedicated user group, and establish your Engage best practices. Iterate and improve on what you’ve learned, then roll out to your entire sales organization.

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Personalization options for Salesforce Engage customized real time

Realtime personalization. In the hands of your sales teams.

Salesforce Engage helps marketing and sales teams work together to sell more effectively. With Engage, your sales teams have better visibility into the activities – and motivations - of their prospects than ever before. Clearly see where a prospect is in the buying journey and deliver the insights they want, when they want them.

Build customizable templates from components using Salesforce Engage

Maximize efficiency with realtime alerts and customizable templates.

Engage does the heavy lifting for you. Your reps receive realtime alerts, either on their dashboard or the Salesforce1 mobile app, letting them know when a prospect is active and what those activities are. Then it’s just a matter of choosing the right template and content and reaching out.

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Engage Implementation Rollout

As a certified Salesforce Pardot Implementation Partner, Brainrider has the expertise to get Engage up and running and customized to your unique needs. No matter the size or shape of your sales team, we’ll create a plan that works for you.

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Pilot Programs

Make sure Engage works for you. We’ll help you set up and run a dedicated pilot program that showcases Engage’s functionality, and demonstrate how easy it is to get your sales teams up to speed.

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Customization and Execution

Fully empower your sales users to maximize your investment in Engage with a training package from Brainrider. We’ll ensure your reps know the ins and outs of Engage – from managing alerts to customizing emails and more.

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