How we help

Campaign development

We build best practice B2B lead generation and nurture programs – from content development to campaign execution, customized for your target audience.

How you benefit

Programs that inspire your customers

With the right content, delivered at the right time, your prospects will get the information they need to move them closer towards a buying decision.

Let’s get started

Build content that works

We’ll work with you to understand your business and your ideal customers. And we’ll build a marketing plan that speaks to your customers’ needs and pains.

B2B Lead Generation Strategy Examples

Modern marketing programs. With measureable results.

At Brainrider, we help businesses build buyer-focused marketing programs. That starts with understanding what your customers want. Then it continues with awareness tactics that draw prospects in, nurture tactics and progressive profiling that help us further understand each prospect, and finally sales-ready tactics that help your prospects make a buying decision.

Give your customers the
content they need. At the right time.

If you want to reach today’s savvy buyers, having content isn’t enough. You need top of funnel content that engages buyers on their terms. You need middle-funnel content that helps them understand how to solve their problems. And you need sales-ready content that positions your solution as the right for them.

Graph on a computer

Campaign Planning
and Execution

From email drip campaigns to custom landing pages, we’ll help you plan campaigns that target your prospects at different points in the funnel. Then we’ll build and execute those campaigns using automation and digital marketing best practices.


Campaign measurement and reporting

We provide campaign and program performance tracking and reporting, presented in an easy-to-digest manner. And we’ll help you understand how to use that data to iterate and improve.

Measuring and cropping

Content asset planning and development

We’ll start by creating a customer-focused content plan. We’ll help you review your existing content and determine where your gaps are. And we’ll help you develop the new content you need to keep your customers engaged.


Outsourced marketing

Need a helping hand when it comes to execution? We go beyond marketing consulting and planning. We’ll develop tactical action plans with you that identify tasks, timing and key roles. And we’ll execute on those plans, delivering better content, better website design and better lead generation and nurturing.