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Get Aligned & Improve Your Marketing Planning Process

Brainrider’s B2B Marketing Planning Workshop is designed to quickly help your team understand and prioritize its objectives, capture ideas, share best practices, and build a practical plan for:

  • Developing customer-focused content
  • Updating your website and digital presence
  • Planning and executing integrated B2B marketing programs and content
  • Accelerating pipeline velocity

How You Benefit

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DEVELOPpipeline marketing strategy and action plan.

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IMPLEMENTbest-practice marketing strategies and tactics and drive revenue generation.

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ALIGNsales & marketing team around a strategic marketing action plan.

Pipeline Marketing is About Focusing
on the Right KPIs. Check Out this Webinar.

What You Get

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Build Alignment Around a Plan

This 3-hour moderated workshop helps your team explore strategic and marketing planning questions, including:

  • How should your objectives be prioritized?
  • Who are your audiences and what are their needs and pains?
  • What does your customer want to know at each stage of their decision process?
  • What does your website need to accomplish? What is working? What is not working?
  • What marketing programs are working?
  • What needs to be optimized?

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Get Ready for Better Pipeline Results

Using your team’s input, Brainrider will develop an actionable marketing plan that includes:

  • Measurable business and marketing objectives.
  • Ideal customer definition and related persona profiles.
  • Content planning framework including content pathways and recommended content topics.
  • Website optimization recommendations.
  • Marketing program recommendations.