B2B Lead Qualification


Developing engaging content and calls to action lead to qualified SQL’s

The B2B lead qualification process is worth the effort, but it requires a focus on developing the right content, the right calls to action, and tracking sales readiness actions in your marketing automation platform.

Watch this webinar, a practical “how-to” review of how to find the sales ready leads in your database and improve your B2B lead qualification process. Learn how sales readiness qualification can help you reach your lead generation objectives.

This B2B Lead Qualification Process webinar looks at how to:

  • Find the sales ready leads in your prospect list
  • Target sales readiness with the right content
  • Identify sales readiness: tiered calls-to-action
  • Track and action sales readiness: Pardot actions
  • Three real world examples

Brainrider’s B2B lead qualification process webinar is designed for B2B hardware, software, IT, and services companies marketing specialized knowledge and subject matter expertise in support of a complex sales process. If this describes you, then don’t miss “Progressive Profiling Using Pardot”.

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Webinar Transcript

  • Find the sales-ready leads in your prospect list
  • Target sales readiness with the right content
  • Identify sales readiness: tiered calls-to-action
  • Track and action sales readiness: Pardot actions
  • Three real world examples

Slide 1: How to Qualify More Sales Ready Leads: A Better B2B Marketing Clinic.

Scott Armstrong is your presenter today. He is a partner @Brainrider where he specializes in B2B marketing.

Slide 2: How to find the B2B sales ready leads in your prospect list.

Lead qualification is a big challenge. 62% of B2B marketers send leads to sales without any qualification! A key priority in marketing is how to identify the 4%-10% of your leads that are sales ready.

Slide 3: Finding Sales Ready Leads:

  • Targeting sales readiness with the right content
  • Identifying sales readiness tiered calls-to-action
  • Tracking sales readiness: MAP/CRM actions
  • Three real world examples

Slide 4:  Prospect qualification and segmentation best practices.
[Venn diagram]

  • Fitting a target definition
    • Relationship status
    • Right role
    • Right industry
    • Right size
  • Identifying sales readiness
    • Contact us
    • Quote request
    • Trial/demonstration request
    • Sales-ready content

Those 2 different elements (fits the target and sales ready activity) are very different from your classic sales qualifications of Budget, Authority, Need and Timing. The marketing ones can really be ascertained through explicit prospect actions or implicit qualification based on who they are.

Fitting the target definition does not mean they are sales-ready. The key activity is sales ready activity. Have you constructed your content, offers, and programs in such a way to identify sales-ready activity and then pass that onto your sales team.

Slide 4: How to target B2B sales readiness with decision stage content.

Targeting sales readiness with content is really the heart of today’s webinar.

We take a look at different decision stages, form an early decision stage identifying “what's my problem?” moving on to, once I understand my problem as a prospect or customer, “how do I fix that problem?”, and then the third decision stage is “Are you right for me?”. I know what my problem is, I know how I want to solve it, and I know the approach I want to take to solve it. Now I need to find the right partner or vendor to do so.

At each different stage, prospects are typically looking for different information and different content.

What is my problem? – Education and thought leadership to understand and help define their problem

How do I fix my problem? – Solution & product suitability analysis to help evaluate their alternatives

The final decision stage you can target with marketing content really is decision support and credentials. At this point, they are looking for your brand and thinking about your solution.

Are you right for me? – Credentials and how to buy content that supports their decision to choose you

  • Pricing
  • Trial/demonstrations
  • Access to subject matter experts
  • Implementation plans & requirements
  • Delivery examples
  • Vendor comparisons
  • Data sheets

They are really saying, “I want to start customizing the information I am getting to my specific situation, to my specific needs, my specific company. This is a great moment to start tying in the marketing communications with sales communications. The content in this column is an indication of sales readiness. While a visitor may take a look at a pricing page on an early visit to your site. If they come back and look at pricing it is a really good sign that they are actively deciding how much they should be paying and who they should be buying from.

Take a look at the content you are offering and make sure you are providing content that targets different decision stages and then tagging sales readiness content (third column) with scoring, grading, or actions that can identify that prospect as sales ready.

Slide 5:  How to identify B2B sales readiness:

  • Tiered calls to action
  • Form best practices
  • Setting up page actions (marketing automation platform)
    • Configuring Sales readiness tracking in your MAP

Tracking B2B sales readiness actions:

  • Configuring sales readiness tracking in your marketing automation platform
  • Key performance metrics
  • Diagnostic metrics

Slide 6 &7: Identifying Sales Readiness: Configuring sales readiness tracking in your MAP. 

Slide 7: Livingston International Example - Tiered Calls-to-Actions

Slide 8: Empathica Example - :Ask an Expert/Request a Demo

Slide 8: Pitney Bowes & Rhythmlink Examples - Pricing and No-price Pages

Slide 9: Test a pricing page!

Slide 10: Summary.

      1. Targeting sales readiness with the right content
      2. Identifying sales readiness: tiered calls-to-action
      3. Tracking sales readiness: MAP/CRM actions