Ensure Your B2B Website Is A Top Performer

Every B2B marketing leader working in a growth-oriented company is focused on impacting revenue as materially as possible. Executives want to know how much of their company’s revenue pipeline is being sourced and influenced by marketing.  

Your company’s website is no exception. It needs to be working hard to deliver lead generation and nurturing results.

During this webinar, Nolin LeChasseur, Brainrider’s founding partner and CMO, will talk about three core concepts used by high-performing B2B marketing teams to ensure your website is sourcing and influencing more marketing and sales pipeline.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear practical tips and valuable insights based on Brainriders’ 7 years of experience tackling clients’ B2B website challenges head-on.

This webinar will be held Wednesday April 26th, 12:00 PM- 12:45 PM EST. Fill out the form and register today! 

About Nolin LeChasseur

Nolin brings 15 years of client-side experience and perspective to the table, and has a valuable blend of marketing and technology expertise.

His deep knowledge of marketing automation, prospect intelligence and sales acceleration has delivered results for companies selling to other companies across North America and Europe.

For more about Nolin, view his LinkedIn profile and follow him on Twitter.

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