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How To Select A B2B Social Media Management Tool

Why We Chose Oktopost

Due to the recent loss of our beloved social media management tool Argyle, we went in search of new B2B social media management tools and discovered the many capabilities of Oktopost for our business and our clients.

Click the thumbnail image below to see the full …

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B2B website planning template: Build a Web Sitemap Outline in Microsoft Excel

We’re always iterating on our processes and templates to make execution better. Here’s a peek into some new process steps and a new template we’ve recently implemented when planning B2B lead generation website projects for our clients.

This week, on two concurrent website projects, we first developed navigation wireframes based …

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6 Tips For Building Out Your B2B Blogging Strategy

As you start to build out a B2B blogging strategy for your company, here are some criteria to consider, ensuring your blog is adding value to your overall marketing strategy.


shutterstock_1936394751. Define your blog’s objective

Is it mostly about generating traffic to your blog? Is it about filtering those …

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Planning for marketing automation success: 5 tips for better results

Marketing automation software is becoming increasingly popular with B2B companies of all sizes. While currently 53% of Fortune 500 companies are using it, interest is also growing among small and medium-sized companies with 91% of buyers considering a marketing automation solution for the first time.

Despite the increasingly …

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Characteristics of an effective B2B website

Visitors go to your B2B website because they believe you have information relevant to what they’re looking for, so it’s important to meet their needs and not lose their interest.  To help, we’ve created this short presentation outlining the characteristics of an effective B2B website.

Characteristics of an effective B2B website

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Outsourcing marketing: a quick guide for B2B marketers

Outsourcing marketing can be both a strategic and tactical decision for B2B marketers.  This practical guide looks at 5 factors to consider when outsourcing marketing.

Website design, content creation, advertising, email campaigns, social media, SEO, reporting results, scoring and Oursourcing your marketing - channel and executional complexitygrading, all these B2B marketing activities — while critically important – …

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CASL Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation: Guide for B2B Marketers

CASL Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation comes into force July 1st, 2014. This blog post looks at what B2B marketers need to do and offers ideas on how to prepare for it.

CASL Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation Basics

The CASL Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation includes a strict opt-in model that will apply to …

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Repurposing content into slideshows and infographics

People only remember about 20% of what they read but retain about 83% of what they learn visually. Capture the attention of your prospects by repurposing content that already exists on your blog or resource centre. In this slideshow, we’ll walk you through a 7-step process for repurposing content into …

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