An ABM Approach to Pipeline Marketing

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Account-based marketing (ABM) has becoming an increasingly popular strategy for B2B marketers, but few businesses have done more than wade cautiously into shallow waters. Adopting an ABM strategy makes sense for B2B marketers on many levels, but it requires a new way of approaching planning and budgeting, working with sales, and measuring marketing-sourced and marketing-influenced revenue … read more »

Marketing Automation Checklist: Get Better Results With These Optimization Tips

Scott Attract & Acquire More Quality Leads, Engage Prospects When Sales-Ready, Nurture & Qualify Existing Database

Marketing Automation Checklist Download this marketing automation checklist designed to help you identify gaps and optimize your marketing automation programs so that you can reach your sales goals. Inside you will get an easy to follow steps on how to implement, manage and optimize your lead generation and marketing automation programs. The checklist is based on … read more »

Lead Nurturing Email Examples and Best Practices

Scott Nurture & Qualify Existing Database

“Can you share some lead nurturing email examples?” is a frequent request that Brainrider receives when hosting webinars, presentations, and workshops. Not wanting to just share examples, in this post I will analyze 3 lead nurturing emails, including a special offer, an update message, and an announcement email.” Lead nurturing objectives The goal of most … read more »