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Brainrider’s Better B2B Marketing Blog is all about sharing what we know, what we are learning, and what we want to learn about B2B Marketing.

Creating a new B2B marketing conference that engages the sales team: why we did it

The world of B2B marketing and sales has fundamentally changed. That’s not news to most of us. There aren’t very many B2B marketing conferences dedicated to the challenges and opportunities we face today (and tomorrow) as B2B marketing and sales leaders. And the good ones that do exist have lots …

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Marketing Objectives Template

marketing objectives snip

Aligning on your prioritized marketing objectives and how you’ll measure success is the foundation for building a solid marketing plan.

This B2B marketing objectives template offers a clear framework to help your team determine and prioritize your marketing objectives for the next 12-months.

Next Steps:

  1. Get help on prioritizing your

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B2B Value Proposition Template

value prop snip

What value do you create that drives customers to choose you over your competitors? Who is your ideal customer? What problems do you solve for them? And how do you do it?

In this worksheet, we’ve created a simple 4-part equation to help B2B companies discuss and articulate their value …

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B2B Ideal Customer Profile Template

Think about one of your best customers. You’ve developed a good relationship with the right decision-makers on their team. They see the value in the services you provide. You’re aligned on budget. Wouldn’t you like to find more customers like this one?
ideal customer snip (1)
In order to drive high-value leads that support …

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Pardot Tips From The Toronto Pardot User Group

On March 26th, we hosted a Toronto Pardot User Group and we had a great turn out!

The group consisted of Pardot users of varying experience levels and 3 amazing speakers shared their experience and tips for using Pardot, with a Q&A after each presentation.

To keep updated …

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B2B Newsletter Content Dos and Don’ts

Email newsletters are a very effective lead nurturing and intelligence gathering tool for B2B marketers–if used properly. It’s about the right content, and the right mix, combined with the right tools of the trade. Measure your current B2B newsletter content strategy against Brainrider’s best practices in this handy guide.

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Make B2B Website Content Easier to Navigate in WordPress: 3 Smart Tactics

Content on my website is hard to navigate for not only my prospects but also my internal teams!”

Although our clients span a variety of industries, they often come to us with similar challenges related to organizing content on their B2B website:

  • My prospects can’t find the resources or

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Why Pardot for Marketing Automation?

pardot implementationMarketing automation can be a great tool for accomplishing current marketing and company objectives. The ability to effectively engage in and track interactive relationships is essential to successfully attracting new qualified prospects, nurturing leads, and determining sales readiness. The capability to measure and optimize content engagement and marketing program performance …

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