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Lead Generation Agency Skills to Look For

When choosing a B2B marketing agency, there are 6 critical lead generation agency skills that you should look for to ensure that you reach your objectives and get better sales results. Agencies can provide an arsenal of specialized marketing skills, but, in this resource, we explain what lead generation skills you should look for in a B2B marketing agency and what you should avoid.

First, let’s identify B2B lead generation agency traits to avoid.

Stay away from marketing agencies that:

lead generation agency: sales pipeline examples

  • Don’t listen to what you want.
  • Don’t understand your objectives.
  • Don’t understand the strategies and tactics needed to reach those objectives.
  • Don’t have B2B lead generation experience.
  • Have too much overhead in their processes.

Warning signs that they don’t have the right approach include:

  • Doing a superficial analysis of target objectives, without diving deeper to understand customer pains.
  • Focusing on pushing out a message, instead of attracting leads and acquiring prospects with intent to buy
  • Not integrating their content and programs planning and execution.
  • They can’t make projects happen as fast as you need them to.

What to look for in a lead generation agency:

  • A fast, focused planning methodology that dives deep on target understanding, identifies the subject matter expertise that will connect with what prospects are looking for, and makes best practice marketing program recommendations.
  • An integrated keyword strategy with SEO execution designed for a B2B audience. If you are selling a complex product or solution, like IT hardware, software, or B2B services, your SEO focus should include buyer intent keywords. For example, keyword strings, such as “how to buy” or “how do I compare”, that demonstrate the searcher has intent to buy.
  • In-house marketing automation expertise that can deliver better landing pages, progressive forms, dynamic content, sales readiness qualification, and nurturing campaigns.
  • Lead generation agency analytical skills that include prospect level analytics, by extracting the right data from Pardot reports, and website analytics, by extracting the right data from Google Analytics, SEOmoz, and SEMrush.


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