The world of B2B marketing and sales has fundamentally changed. That’s not news to most of us. There aren’t very many B2B marketing conferences dedicated to the challenges and opportunities we face today (and tomorrow) as B2B marketing and sales leaders. And the good ones that do exist have lots of big name case studies and back-patting, but there are also still quite a few generalizations and platitudes floating around.

There is a gap in the market: we need a way for B2B marketing and sales teams to come together to figure out how to build better integrated pipelines.

#pipecon B2B conference

That’s where the idea of #pipecon comes from, and that’s why the entire crew behind it (shout-outs to the Brainrider and Pardot teams!) is working so hard to make it a reality. The idea is grounded in a few key guiding principles to make sure the event will be useful, practical, and relevant:

The best B2B pipelines integrate marketing & sales as one funnel

#pipecon is the only B2B marketing conference that brings B2B marketing AND sales teams together to cut through the crap and figure out how to build a better pipeline together. We have assembled an agenda I would have only dared dream about, including keynotes from Ally Motz at SiriusDecisions and Mathew Sweezey at There are 2 days of speakers, breakout sessions, peer discussions, and social networking to explore ideas we can all use to make our own pipelines better.

We all need to succeed in the new buyer-centric B2B economy

When I first entered the workforce in the 1990s, vendors still had their hand firmly planted on the tap that controlled the flow of subject-matter expertise from solution providers to potential buyers. Salespeople used that control as leverage to book sales meetings. Now the B2B buyer is in control. They make it as far as 70% of the way through their buying decision before they are willing to talk to sales. Marketing automation and sales CRM tools have become tightly integrated, so the marketing and sales pipeline has too. This is the only B2B marketing conference purpose-built to address this issue.

We need to think together to succeed at working together

This event is for marketing and sales teams that need to collaborate, cooperate, and communicate in order to succeed. It’s a mashup of marketing automation, CRM, content marketing, lead generation, and sales enablement. It’s about the tools, the processes, the people, and the successes and failures that are keys to our success. It’s about swapping stories and knowledge so that we can all go back to the office with new inspiration, motivation, and ideas to obliterate marketing and sales targets.

This B2B marketing conference is for your marketing and sales team if you are embracing the challenge of building and converting a shared pipeline. Attracting more of the right traffic, converting more traffic into prospects, engaging and qualifying more leads, and closing more business are all underlying themes for the discussions, presentations, and discoveries you’ll be a part of.

I hope you’ll join us at #pipecon on June 24 and 25, in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District, as we embark on this journey together, as smart B2B marketing and sales minds make meaningful progress in building better integrated pipelines together.

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